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"It's an 'Avenue Q' mashup with 'The Golden Girls' to create the most hilarious theatre show you'll see all season."  - GRAND THEATRE STAFF PICK

The girls are back! Catch Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia in puppet form! Thank You for Being a Friend is a hilarious and loving tribute to the 1980’s cult classic - The Golden Girls. 

Written and Produced by Canadians Neil Gooding and Matthew Henderson, this witty show offers up classic dialogue, razor sharp gags, and taboo-breaking stories performed by character perfect actors and their puppets. The Golden Girls were the original Sex in the City, talking about race, religion, sex and gender in 1985!

Thank You for Being a Friend is the Ultimate Golden Girls Theatre Experience, delivering all the classic dialogue you’d expect! Prepare for an evening of laughter, spectacular put-downs and familiar friends as Miami’s four favourite Golden Girls – Dorothy, Sophia, Rose and Blanche – reunite in puppet-form for this lovingly hilarious live tribute show! As a wonderful introduction to the hit television series for first timers it’ll have the uninitiated rolling in the aisles, while die-hard fans fondly remember the brilliance of The Golden Girls!

Grab your pals and confidants and enjoy the golden friendship of the Golden Girls!


One of the hottest tickets in town.

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