Ten years ago saw so many of you come together when the Grand Theatre Foundation was formed.  You helped reach that campaign goal of $3.85 million and in May 2008 the theatre reopened and became Grand Again!  Now here we are celebrating so many seasons of marvellous performance art in all its forms – the Grand truly brings the world to the people of Kingston.  We’ve seen warm calypso beats, the thrill of tumbling Chinese acrobats, the vibrancy of Bollywood, traumatic stories from our own history, the spoken word changing our points of view, the health benefits of deep-down laughter … … so much music, merriment, and life crossing the stage because of your support.

When you choose to become an annual individual donor to the Grand Theatre Foundation you share your love of the arts with all ages…

… … transporting your community with the thrill of live performance, allowing theatre attendees to get up close and personal In Conversation with artists, through Master Classes, or during Talkbacks, and bringing sparkling magic to the eyes of children attending their first live show!

Thank you to these recent donors to the Grand Theatre Foundation:

  • Dr. John & Mrs. Katherine Leverette
  • Elinor Gill Ratcliffe C.M., O.N.L., LLD (hc)
  • Mr. Chuck Denis
  • Mr. P. Payan
  • The Andrusyszyn family
  • Patti & Brad Marko
  • Sue Bates
  • Jayson & Jessica Duggan
  • Arun Bryson, in Honour of Ellen Moore
  • Jacquie Costron
  • Bernie Kelly
  • Charles Labarge
  • Jill Smith
  • Stephen Jackson
  • Ian Collier
  • Bill Walker
  • Steve Nash
  • Janice Hilliard
  • John & Cheryl Storms
  • Craig Cameron
  • Karen Wilson
  • Christine Perrault
  • Jake Hofstee
  • Nadia Hockley
  • Robert & Barbara Fisher
  • Michael & Penny Robinson
  • Anita Brunet-Lamarche
  • Wayne Halstead
  • Janet MacDonald
  • Brenda Feely
  • Mr. P. Payan
  • Shelly Maija
  • Clair Fraser
  • Kathryn Wirsig
  • Annie Peace-Fast
  • Cam Vanderkooi
  • Kathy Burke

Your donations make all that – and much more – happen every day through the wide range of performances on the Grand Theatre stage.

Please donate now and keep community magic happening at the Grand!