The Local Arts Residency provides space and support to Kingston’s performing artists to explore ideas, create and nurture new directions in their work. The Residency was established in 2021 in response to the impact of COVID-19 on the performing arts, and to expand City investment in local artist development. It is now an annual program that supports local performing artists and enhances the Kingston Grand Theatre as an artistic community hub.  


Michael Duguay, 2021 artist-in-residence with Jason Mercer
Michael Duguay, 2021 artist-in-residence with Jason Mercer. Photo by Josh Lyon

Update (June 17, 2024):   

2024 Artists-in-Residence 

Three artists-in-residence were selected for the 2024 Local Arts Residency. Applications were submitted through an open call, and the three artists-in-residence were selected by a jury of previous Residency participants.   

The artists-in-residence are:  

  • Shanique Peart and Shenel Williams, July 2-5 

  • Krista Muir, July 16-19 

  • Chantal Thompson, July 23-26 

Artists-in-residence will receive in-kind use of a professional workspace in the Baby Grand featuring state-of-the-art equipment, professional support in technical production, and an honourarium of $1,000. 

2023 Artists-in-Residence
Four artists-in-residence were selected for the 2023 Local Arts Residency including Megan Hamilton, Benedictus Mattson, Devanshi Mishra and Movement Market Collective, David Parker and Jane Kirby, and Nice On. 

2022 Artists-in-Residence
Four artists-in-residence were selected for the 2022 Local Arts Residency including Jan Le Clair, Zahra (Harriet) Badua-Baffoe & Melissa Noventa, Lydia Wilton, and Sophia Fabiilli & Zoë Sweet. 

2021 Artists-in-Residence
Nine artists-in-residence were selected for the 2021 Local Arts Residency including Michael Duguay, Spencer Evans, Francisco Corbett, Erin Ball with Bon Evans, Miss Emily, Camille Spencer, Kay Kenney, The Gertrudes and Gary Rasberry. Through collaborations, over 60 local artists participated in the Residency program. 

Videos of all artists-in-residence were recorded at the Kingston Grand Theatre to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the artists and work created and explored. The videos were created by Josh Lyon, Allen Bergeron, and Jay Middaugh. All videos can be viewed on the Kingston Grand Theatre YouTube channel




Jenny Pedler 
Program Coordinator 
Arts & Culture Services, City of Kingston