On Sept. 3, the City council directed staff to remove municipally-supplied single-use plastics from operations at Kingston Grand Theatre and INVISTA Centre by mid-2020, and other municipal facilities in subsequent years.

Learn why these changes are being made, what impact they will have on residents and patrons, by reviewing the frequently asked questions below.

What are single-use plastics?

Single-use plastics or SUPs are plastic items that are typically used only once before being discarded. Because of their size or composition, they are difficult to recycle or reuse. SUP products include things like straws, cutlery, cups, bags, product packaging, and containers that are often used by grocery, food, and beverage retailers.  SUPs are a problem because they don’t biodegrade and can easily become litter.  SUPs are also petroleum-based, which contributes to our climate crisis.

Why are SUPs being removed from Kingston Grand Theatre?

In 2019, Kingston City Council directed that the City explore opportunities to reduce SUPs.  Kingston Grand Theatre and the INVISTA Centre are two of the City’s largest public facilities and the first places that we will begin removing SUPs from use.

What will the Grand use instead of SUPs?

SUPs will be replaced by organic products that can be placed in a green bin and sent to make compost. Some items like straws and plates will be replaced with paper-based products, while others like cups and cutlery, will use biodegradable “plastic-like” substances.  Products that offer paper or cardboard packaging will be used instead of plastic-wrapped goods.

How can I help prevent SUPs from becoming garbage or litter?

Bring a reusable water bottle, ask for plastic-free products, and learn where to put used products once you are done with them.  At Kingston Grand Theatre, we will provide new waste receptacles for compostable materials and signage to help you find them.