The City of Kingston is committed to a shared path of reconciliation and in the context of the Grand OnStage Program at the Grand Theatre to providing Indigenous cultural and educational experiences centered on the performing arts to Kingston residents. As a new initiative over the 2018-19 Grand OnStage Season, the City of Kingston released a call for an Elder in Residence/Traditional Knowledge Keeper who is able to share his or her knowledge, traditional teachings, and offer cultural support to patrons and artists.

All applications were reviewed and assessed by a jury of peers with Grandmother Kathy Brant being selected as the successful applicant for the 2018-2019 Grand OnStage season. Grandmother Kathy will provide her knowledge and support to performances and operations throughout the programming year. Involvement in engagement activities such as participation in talks, question and answer sessions, and informal dialogue at performances will be part of the duties of this position. 

Details about Grandmother Kathy's schedule will appear on this page.