Long time Fringer John D. Huston returns to the Kingston Fringe after 31 years with his solo show CREEPING MURMUR; PORING DARK.
The 60 minute show, a collection of ghost stories, each told by a different character, was a hit when Huston toured it to Fringes in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton.  The four stories Huston performs come from the “Golden Age” of the ghost story 1890 - 1930.
“There aren’t any chainsaw wielding lunatics” notes Huston, “but if you dim the lights and give your self over to the story these characters will still have you checking under the bed before you close your eyes.”
Not content with just performing the stories Huston jumps between characters, challenging his audience to keep up. “It’s a bit like channel surfing episodes of “Twilight Zone” or “Black Mirror”. I felt that audiences are used to doing that with television and they could follow it in performance.”

“A good creeper…by…John D. Huston…master storyteller” - VUE Magazine  ****
“classic horror performed straight “ - UPTOWN ****
“I nearly jumped out of my skin” - CBC Winnipeg ****1/2


A The Kick & Push Festival Performance