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black background with Why It's Impossible To Raise A Girl, with the word Girl crossed out

Written by Sophia Fabiilli  

Co-Created by Zoë Sweet, Sophia Fabiilli and Sarah Kitz
Directed by Evalyn Parry
Starring Zoë Sweet
Associate Producers: Haley Sarfeld and Victoria Laberge

What do you do when your life is casually on the verge of collapse? Beth is struggling to stay afloat as a single parent, a working professional, and a 45-year-old resident of her mother's basement. Diving into the complex relationship between mother and child, Why It's Impossible to Raise a Girl is a dark and funny one-woman show about life's transitions and parenting in precarious times.

For Sophia Fabiilli: Second City Award for Best New Comedy (The Philanderess),  Ellen Ross Stuart Opening Doors Award (Liars at a Funeral)
For Evalyn Parry: Dora Award nomination, Gertrude and Alice (Independent Aunties)

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