A solo theatre exploration of mental health, workaholism, and femininity in an increasingly sick, tired, and mad world.

A metronome tick-tick-ticks, reminding us that the only thing that's finite is time and there’s time to sleep when you’re dead. We meet Maggie, an ambitious woman in a male-dominated field, whose loquacious lips are only rivaled by her fowl mouth, as she navigates burnout, sexism, and mania. Echoing Thea Fitz-James' previous solo performances (NAKED LADIES; Drunk Girl)Crazy Bitch/Boss Bitch explores the contemporary practice of demonizing— or pathologizing—boundary-pushing women as “bitches”. Crazy Bitch/Boss Bitch combines academic research, storytelling, and performance art to explore feminist perspectives on making a living—and surviving life— when diminishing capacity meets diminishing returns.

Trigger warnings: course language, themes of violence, themes of mental health, nudity

Thea Fitz-James is part academic and part theatre practitioner. She holds a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from York University. In her artistic practice, Thea is a storyteller, playwright, and performance artist, having created work with FADO in Toronto (Daughter’s Disease), Secret Theatre in Halifax (No Filter), Summerworks (Naked Ladies). Her solo work combines performance art, storytelling, and theatre in order to invite and investigate questions on the gendered body in contemporary culture. Her previous solo shows, NAKED LADIES (2015-2017) and Drunk Girl (2016-2019) have both toured internationally (USA, Australia and Singapore) and have been programmed as part of Summerworks Festival, Edmonton Fringe 'hold-over' Series,and Ottawa Fringe Encore Series. She is excited to premier her newest show, Crazy Bitch/ Boss Bitch at the TK Fringe!


A The Kick & Push Festival Performance