“ a riveting tour de force of great poetry tragedy and comedy delivered as tightly as a telegram ” - Montreal Gazette

“ A sideshow of startling insights and strong ideas. GOTHIC is exciting theatre.  One cannot long resist her conviction and power…” - GLOBE and MAIL

“Beautifully written. A personal statement about the survival of dreams” - VANCOUVER Sun

“Guaranteed to dazzle ..shouldn’t be missed”  - WINNIPEG Tribune

A classic masterwork of Canadian Theatre.

Written and Performed by JAN KUDELKA 
Musician Composer CAMERON SHOOK

The  TRUE  STORY of 28 Canadian Student clowns on tour during the 70’s under the leadership of the late great and legendary Canadian Teacher and Innovator of clown RICHARD POCHINKO.

The 23 exotic circus, middle and working class characters  of CIRCUS GOTHIC form an unforgettable  glimpse into a MUDSHOW under CANVAS touring through the  Maritimes. Many productions of CIRCUS GOTHIC were taken up by others over the years in high schools, universities  and  even prisons.

KUDELKA performs SOLO in the celebrated format that took Canadian theatre by storm in the wave of Billy Bishop and Maggie and Pierre.


A The Kick & Push Festival Performance