The Mouse House
The Mouse House

The Mouse House

by Robert Ainsworth
Oct. 18-Nov. 3, 2018

DIRECTED BY MORGAN MAINGUY: Carson, a successful author, has arrived at a cottage somewhere in Ontario at the end of the fall season to write his latest book. He chose this time of year to be in complete isolation; with no phone, and away from his tormented life. Late one night, Carson is jolted awake by the sounds of an intruder climbing in through the window. He knocks the intruder out. The next morning Troy, an angry teenaged delinquent, regains consciousness and discovers Carson has chained him to a heavy metal bed. With unexpected revelations which turn the play on its head, these two fierce opponents come face to face with their inner demons and an emerging unspoken trust.


BOBBY- Sandy Turcotte

CARSON- Richard Palimaka

TROY- Tom Abram

THOMAS- Harold G. Potter