The Fronge Festival

Did you know that there are 6 other Fringe Festivals happening across the country over the course of this year's Kingston Fringe? The Canadian Organization of Fronge Festivals (COFF) is here to offer you a sampling from the Canadian Fringe smörgåsbord with The Fronge Festival! Each performance, we will present some never-before-seen plays that are currently actually playing in some other Canadian city. The audience gets to pick the play from a programme provided, and we will make up the rest. You'll never need to go to PEI, Saskatoon, Calgary, North Bay, Nanaimo, or Guelph ever again!

Trigger warnings:  This show may contain strong language.

Kyle Warne - Performer & Director
Victoria Watson Sepejak - Performer
Rin Abedi - Performer
Aiyana Harvey - Performer
Christina Gross - Performer
Nicole Eun-ju Bell - Lighting Busker

The Chown Parking garage, located directly behind Kingston Grand off Brock Street will be closed starting Friday August 4th at 4:00pm and reopen on Tuesday August 8th.


A The Kick & Push Festival Performance