Please note this performance is happening at Domino Theatre, 52 Church Street.

Brightly coloured background with 1-Act Play Festival across the front
1-Act Play Festival 12

1-Act Play Festival 12
July 8, 2022.
One night only, shows start 7:30.

Adults - $20 + Handling Fee, Children and Students - $10 + Handling Fee

Here is the list of plays:

"Hairball" by Harry Jordan

-Hairball" is a little something "cool, groovy, right on -we're not leaving the 60's yet.

"A Mouse No More" by Adam Fulker

-Finally able to step away from the shadow that was her marriage andinto her best life, Flo's duties as a mother push her into the light... a mouseno more.

"The Auditions" by Greg Duncan

-The author of a new play decides to adapt his play to suit the actorsrather than the other way round. To achieve this, the playwright and directoraudition various performers to determine the skill set of each.

This is again a juried Festival with the winnerheaded to the Eastern Ontario Drama League's One Act Festival playing November4, 5, 6 2022 at the Academy Theatre in Lindsay.