We without You
We without You

You're invited to We without You, a free socially engaged dramatic performance!

Sylvia Grills, a Ph.D. candidate in the Queen's University Department of Sociology, has written and produced a stage production about their dissertation research. Sylvia moved to Toronto in 2017 in order to interview members of the rainbow community about anti-racism, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. They produced a detailed contextual snapshot of race relations in Toronto's rainbow community, however, Sylvia noticed that traditional forms of academic knowledge mobilization were not accessible to participants. Sylvia met the challenge of designing more effective knowledge mobilization by writing a script about the interviews they had with participants. We without You is a public sociology project that situates research in conversation with the public in order to encourage conversation and strengthen both community engagement and research practices. By engaging in performance as outreach, Sylvia broadens what is perceived as effective knowledge mobilization.  

We without You is funded by Queen's University Department of Sociology, Queen's University School of Graduate Studies, Queen's University Experiential Learning Hub, The Society for Graduate and Professional Students, Queen's University Department of Gender Studies, and The 519.

We without You will be performed in Kingston on November 18th!

Content warning: the production contains explicit language and it addresses homophobia, HIV, and racism.

I look forward to seeing you at We without You!


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