Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton look alikes

The Original "TOGETHER AGAIN" Show

An incredible tribute to country music's favourite couple ...

Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

Starring Marty Edwards and Wendy T

FOR MORE THAN A DECADE, Marty and Wendy have been recreating that magic with their "Together Again' show. This show has toured repeatedly around the world at some of the most prestigious venues throughout England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, and the USA. "Together Again", a Tribute to Country Music's Favorite Couple, featuring Marty Edwards in the role of Kenny Rogers and Wendy T as Dolly Parton. And yes, Wendy "fills" the role uh, shall we say to a "T"! If you are a Kenny Rogers and/or Dolly Parton fan, don't miss this world-class tribute!