The Peking Acrobats - Photo credit Tom Meinhold
The Peking Acrobats - Photo credit Tom Meinhold

Want a thrilling performance that will leave you breathless, look no further than The Peking Acrobats. For over three decades, these performers have wowed audiences with their daring feats of strength, agility, and balance. Watch in amazement as they stack themselves into a precarious pagoda of chairs, perform jaw-dropping tricks on bicycles, and execute somersaults and tumbling routines with seemingly impossible precision.

The Peking Acrobats are often accompanied by live musicians who skillfully play traditional Chinese instruments; the time-honored Chinese music coalesces with high-tech special effects and awe-inspiring acrobatic feats, creating an exuberant entertainment event with the festive pageantry of a Chinese Carnival. This exhilarating show will leave you wanting more - don't miss the chance to see this acclaimed acrobatic troupe in action!

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