Tickets sold are per private table, and seat from 1-4 people in your own COVID bubble.   You only need one ticket for up to 4 people to attend.

Picture of the Little Prince flying in his red plane
The Little Prince

Bring your COVID bubble (up to four people) and sit at your own table to enjoy this whimsical family-friendly adaptation of the  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry classic, "The Little Prince".  With six tables available per show,  your private table is appropriately distanced from both the performers and other patrons, while allowing your bubble to be close and experience the joy and immediacy of live theatre. Tickets sold are per private table, and seat from 1-4 people in your own COVID bubble.

The Pilot/Narrator (Cassel Miles) guides us through his own thoughts on life, adults, and what is important, while recounting his impactful friendship with a little boy, who he names "The Little Prince".  The Little Prince (Jesse Sulpher) has his own lessons to learn about life and love and friendship. He has traveled across the universe in search of what is important. On his planet,  the Rose (Rosemary Doyle) is hard for him to understand, and he takes to the stars, visiting many planets in search of friendship. His many acquaintances along the way (all played by Rosemary Doyle) give him different insights about what is important in life, and when he meets the Fox, he truly begins to understand how to properly see things.

The show should run about 60 minutes without intermission.

This is a Canadian Actors’ Equity Association production under the Artists’ Collective Policy.