The Dressing Room
The Dressing Room

"The Dressing Room"

Based on the real antics of backstage life during the production of a community theatre musical, The Dressing Room is a new original comedy by local playwright Peggy Hallett. Through the span of five years, the cast of multi-generational characters make their way through five familiar musicals playing an assortment of supporting chorus members, divas, and eventually production members, all while balancing the drama of real life. Sometimes there's more going on backstage than on stage!

The Playwright
Peggy Hallett has been involved in over twenty musical theatre productions, both on stage and behind. She conceived the idea for the play while waiting patiently in the dressing room and realizing that all around her were plenty of stories and drama that created a play itself. The characters are composites of real women she has worked with, laughed with, schemed with and shared lives true dramas alongside. The play is a celebration of the camaraderie that naturally cultivates among those with a true love of theatre! Visit her at