presented by Bottle Tree Productions

Once Upon A Time: A Play With Music

Once Upon A Time: A Play With Music
Produced by Bottle Tree Productions
Written by Anne Marie Mortensen
Music by Michael Capon
Director Lucy D'Elia
Designer Zoe D'Elia
ASM Karina Munsterhjelm

Willow Hart as CIRCE
Emery Liebeck as NELL
Amara Nanji as CALLIOPE
Kian Watters as NEIL

What time is it, when it's Once Upon a Time?
Is it morning, noon, or midnight--
Are there beanstalks left to climb?

Do the sorcerers and fairies work for evil, or for good?
Does the tower have a door, and is it made of wood?

Does the Prince rescue the Princess, or the other way around?
When someone drops their slipper, is it lost or is it found?

Do you wonder, in your head, as you lay awake in bed:
"Is it morning, noon, or midnight, in Once Upon a Time?"

4 Dash & Full Dash (11 shows) - please contact the box office to purchase.

Performed in the Davies Lounge, Kingston Grand.

This show replaces "Flashlight Fables" orginally scheduled for these dates and times.

A Theatre Kingston Performance