Girls Unwanted

The harrowing pasts of three young women become inextricably woven together as they struggle to co-exist in an inner-city halfway house under a supervisor with issues of her own. Each of them is floundering and falling apart, while a naive brother materializes and attempts to mend the broken pieces of his splintered image of an idyllic home.

"Girls Unwanted" is the premiere production of a gripping and startlingly haunting exploration of survival through rampant selfishness, aggression and moral decay in contemporary urban culture. Provocative, satirical, and fearless, this new play shines a dim light into the darkest of corners, just as we've come to expect from one of Canada's most renowned and gritty playwrights, George F. Walker.

Op Knox Entertainment presents "Girls Unwanted", by George F. Walker, directed by Will Britton.


A The Kick & Push Festival Performance