Rapp Bngo

RAPP BNGO is an interactive hip-hop DJ performance, where the audience is invited to participate in a stakes-free game of RAPP BNGO.  Everyone receives a RAPP BNGO card, containing words and phrases.  Dabbers are available at the merch table, or bring your own!  DJ Seith mixes the records and the game is called using the song lyrics, with calls appearing via overhead projection in real-time.  Winner of the 2022 Fringe North Fantastic Fringer Award.  Come participate in an unforgettable night of music and community, as DJ Seith presents RAPP BNGO.  

Disclaimer:  This performance contains strong language.  Attendee discretion is advised.

Trigger Warnings:  Drugs, Alcohol, Death, Murder, Violence, Firearms, Politics, Sex.


A The Kick & Push Festival Performance