📷 Jerick Collantes _ Dancers _ Crazy Smooth, Tiffany Leung
📷 Jerick Collantes _ In the foreground _ Tash
📷 Jerick Collantes _ Interprètes - Dancers _ Bboy Vibz, Anyo

Bboyizm, a Canadian street dance company, is renowned for its authentic portrayal of the street dance genre and promoting its foundation and culture. Their unique blend of street dance, hip-hop influences and modern dance elements have been praised for their innovation and exceptional quality. Their performances are urban, dynamic, and captivating, and they have performed at numerous festivals and events across Canada and internationally.

“In My Body” is one such performance that explores the multi-generational dynamic and hardship of aging in street dancing. It features a cast of 10 dancers and an international creative team, including original music by DJ Shash’U. The performance links the culture of hip-hop with a multi-generational company of dancers, highlighting personal stories of survival, triumph, and defeat drawn from interviews conducted with the dancers. Don't miss the chance to experience the electrifying and original dance performances  from Bboyizm live!

Seating map in the files below.

Join us for more! Stay for a post-show talkback with the artists hosted by Kay Kenney.

About Kay Kenney

Kay Kenney is a professional contemporary dance artist from Kingston, ON, where she began her journey in 1994 at the Kingston School of Dance, studying Cecchetti Ballet. In 2009 she decided to pursue dance as a career and was accepted to the Professional Contemporary Dance Program at The School of Dance in Ottawa, where she was trained by many great national and international dance artists. Kay's professional dance career has led her to work, teach, create, and perform across Ontario, Quebec, and Europe, working with youth, pre-professional, emerging and professional artists. A company dancer of Ottawa Dance Directive since 2013, collaborating with artists like Tedd Robinson, Chick Snipper, Andrew Turner, Mélanie Dermers, Harold Rhéaume, Jocelyn Todd, Jesse Stewart, and artistic director Yvonne Coutts. Kay is also a company dancer for Social Growl Dance (Toronto) and is the rehearsal director for the company.  

Kay moved back to Kingston permanently, where she stands as the only Fletcher Pilates instructor. In 2016 she founded Movement Market Collective, a group of pre-professional and professional artists that come together to support and celebrate local, professional dance in Kingston. Through the collective, Kenney has choreographed and presented three evenings of professional local dance works, numerous pops up events, and opened her own studio space in YGK.  

In 2019 she was selected as a Youth Arts Ambassador representing Ontario Culture Days and was a recipient of the 2020 Kingston Mayor's Arts Award. Most recently, was awarded for Best Dance Film in the Shortwave Film Festival in Munich, Germany for a film project created in collaboration with Josh Lyon & Rachel Shaen. Kenney has collaborated with amazing local festivals, such as The Skeleton Park Arts Festival, The Reel Out Queer Film Festival, The Juvenis Festival, The Kick & Push Festival, AnArch Theatre, The Cellar Door Project, Calliope Collective, and many other talented independent artists in YGK.  

Kay is Artistic Director at Kingston School of Dance. She was a Kingston Grand Theatre Local Artist-in-Residence in 2021. 







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