Babes in arms tickets are available - please call the box office.  613-530-2050

child dancer running away towards trees wearing beautiful butterfly wings
In Harmony

Like butterflies emerging from their cocoons, our spirits are aloft as we celebrate our return to the stage for live performance! The Conservatory invites the entire Kingston community to join us for our year-end gala, In Harmony. This family-friendly, inclusive performance is presented by Conservatory community dance artists of all ages and abilities, as we mark a year of sharing the joy of dance. Inspired by the four elements of fire, water, wind and earth, we celebrate the wonder of their individual and shared contributions to our lives. Act I of In Harmony features original youth choreography, contemporary dance, theatrical jazz, tap, Egyptian bellydance and flamenco works; Act II of the show culminates in a presentation of a full-length original ballet, In Harmony: A Celebration of Fire, Water, Earth and Sky. Enjoy the shimmer of morning dew drops, the hum of honeybees and dragonflies, the grace of fluttering butterflies, the sparkle of crystals that hide like secrets deep within the earth, the serenity of moon tides, the calm rhythm of sea breezes and the wonder of fireworks painting the night sky. After the challenges of the last two years, we are filled with gratitude for the beauty of dance, community and the earth, as they lift and surround us.