A Pay What You Want Performance
This performance can now be added to a subscription package at no additional cost. Non-subscription Pay What You Want performance tickets will be available starting on Tues. July 19, 2022, at 12noon.


Firewater Thunderbird Rising 2 - Friday Creeations

The spirit of the Thunderbird is the healing journey; connecting the past as Maggie & Me prepares the present moment to awaken the Firewater Thunderbird Rising for the healing of our Nations future.

Contemporary dance artist and choreographer Christine Friday presents a transformative spirit of dance travelling through dimensional realms of existence - ancestors, dreams, blood memory and the land directly connected to our Anishinaabek way of living and being.

* Pay What You Want allows you to attend the performance at no charge and remit a voluntary amount after the show based on your experience.


A Grand OnStage Performance