King Attractions presents

Elvis Anthology

A Fundraiser for "Providence Care Hospital Patient Comfort Fund"

Starring Matt Cage and Tim Hendry
With special guests, Adrianne Marcucci and The Greater Kingston Chorus
All backed up by The Casino Brothers Band

In 1956, Elvis Presley emerged as one of the world's most electrifying musical superstars. His legacy lasted three decades and his influence still resonates in the world today! Elvis Anthology explores his country and gospel roots and how he shaped the music world as a pioneer of pop and rock n' roll. Elvis was heavily influenced by his musical idols, like Jackie Wilson and Tom Jones, and performers of today are shaping their styles in his image.

Taking up the challenge of illustrating Elvis' legacy are two of today's best and most sought after tribute artists: Matt Cage and Tim 'E' Hendry. Matt Cage is world-renown for his uncanny ability to emulate the King in every stage of his career and today, you'll see him portraying the early Elvis. Most recently, he has been performing with much acclaim across Canada in the Tony Award-Winning play, Million Dollar Quartet. There he plays a young Presley struggling to come to terms with his rising fame; throw in some sizzling musical numbers and those iconic swivelling hips, Matt has been a hit! After a year hiatus from performing at the Kingston Grand, we are excited to see him back in the Limestone City! Portraying Elvis in the latter years, Tim 'E' Hendry is up to the task. Tim has won professional title after title in the Elvis contest world. In 2013, he was named World Champion at the King of the World Contest held in Memphis, TN. Tim, a veteran Elvis Tribute Artist, prowls the stage with the same charisma, energy, swagger and presence that made the King so famous. Hendry's vocal prowess is in high demand; he has played across the world, as far as China, and we are very fortunate to have him here tonight!

Joining these two amazing performers, we have the incomparable Adrianne Marcucci, who is one of Canada's best Shania Twain tributes. Adrianne has the look and the voice of Canada's 'Queen of Country Pop, whose performances are an homage to some of the early influences of Elvis. Adrianne shows off her versatility also performing a scintillating version of Ann Margaret in the 1964 film, Viva Las Vegas. Elvis Anthology offers the audience a chance to watch Marcucci and Cage performing some of Margaret and Presley's best duets! Rounding out the performance, The Greater Kingston Chorus, a 60 member choir, join Tim and Matt in singing some of Elvis' most iconic and memorable gospel songs - truly returning to Presley's beloved roots.

All backed by the famous Collingwood Elvis Festival house band and Canada's BEST tribute band, The Casino Brothers, Elvis Anthology is a spiritual and exciting journey through Elvis' career. Also, as the show is being performed on Remembrance Day, Elvis Anthology pays tribute to Elvis' service in the US Army and honours our own men and women of the Canadian military. Proudly supporting the Providence Care Patient Comfort Fund, don't miss out on this amazing show!

Performing in the Regina Rosen Auditorium at the Grand Theatre

Tickets are $49 plus HST and handling fee