poster describing the Close to You concert, music by The Carpenters
Close to You: Celebrating the Music of The Carpenters

"I closed my eyes and it was like Karen was up on stage singing"

Please join us for a fantastic evening of music, entertainment, and celebration of The Carpenters live at the Baby Grand Theatre in downtown Kingston, Sept 21st.

Who doesn't remember The Carpenters? Even if you weren't their biggest fan, songs like Close to You and We've Only Just Begun, are buried deep in the consciousness of anyone that grew up as a fan of pop peeler music in the 1970s and 1980s. The Carpenters had many top 10 hits and are still releasing albums today posthumously; Richard Carpenter just released a Christmas CD featuring of the Carpenters hits with the London Philharmonic Orchestra last Christmas in 2019.

There's been quite a resurgence in this the 50th anniversary of the start of the Carpenters. You might even be a "deep closet" Carpenter fan.
Nowadays, the Carpenters are cool and recognized for their melodies and classic construction of their songs, and the instrumentation. Did you know that Karen Carpenter won the award of best rock drummer over Led Zeppelins John Bonham back in the 80s?

The Close to You concert performance features the talents of Jan Wilkins on vocals and Darrell Bryan on keyboards and vocals.
Jan also sings with the folk group Wilkins, which was nominated for folk group of the year in 2009 and performs with the popular Kingston choir She Sings!.
Darrell is an adjunct lecturer (Voice) Director of Choral Ensemble at the Dan School of Drama and Music at Queens University and is a fantastic vocalist and performer in his own right. He also is the choral director of the Kingston Chamber Choir.
Jan and Darrell are backed up by a fabulous backup band that includes Mark Wilkins on bass, acoustic guitar, and lead vocals; Sean MacDonald percussion, and Dan Charbonneau on guitars.