A theatrical and musical walking tour, starting from the Front Lawn of the Pumphouse Museum.

After 3pm ticket sale stop online and at the box office - tickets may be purchased at the start of each tour, pending availability.


A theatrical and musical walking tour, starting from the Front Lawn of the Pumphouse Museum.
Each start time can accommodate four people who are comfortable travelling together.

Cadences is a multidisciplinary audio walking tour that mixes elements of theatre (audio narrative) and classical music. Each spectator is invited to live their own immersive solo experience while they walk around town.
Cadences is a Théâtre Belvédère production and was originally presented in French in Ottawa's Lowertown neighbourhood, from September 2 to 5, 2021.

The performance will be adapted for a Kingston landscape and audience, as it will be presented in August 2022 as of a partnership between Centre culturel Frontenac and the Kick & Push Festival.

50 years ago, Frederick Miller signed his last composition, "The Fires of Beltane", concerto for piano and orchestra, and suddenly disappeared. Today, the spectator/listener/adventurer is invited to accompany the narrator, the woman who has been by his side all his life, for a commemorative walk through the streets of Kingston, the birthplace of his work and their love.  Cadences is a selection of the work of Kingston composer Frederick Miller. It is a story of music, love and emancipation. A story some may say, is a little too good to be true...

In order to experience Cadences, the participant must download the soundscape onto their own device before their start time. The narration tells the story of the life and music of Frederick Miller and his lover and is interspersed with classical musical pieces and directions, that allow the participants to properly navigate the route.  Thus, the spectator listens to the story while moving through the streets of the city. Since the story places the characters in the city of Kingston, it tells anecdotes relating to the compositions of Frederick Miller which were inspired by specific sites (residential or commercial buildings).
The narration directs them to stop and observe various locations throughout the tour.
In the end, the spectator is brought in front of a live singer and pianist.

Duration: approximately 85 minutes
Distance to cover on foot: approximately 3.2 kilometers (Ottawa version). TBD for Kingston. A commemoration guide is handed to the spectator to help them follow the route.
A link is sent by email a few days prior the event and the spectator must download it on their own device and provide their own headphones.
The performance can take place in the event of light rain.

Cadences, une pièce de théâtre déambulatoire du Théâtre Belvédère d’Ottawa co-présentée avec The Kick And Push Festival qui se déroule au centre-ville de Kingston. 

jeudi 11, vendredi 12, jeudi 18 et vendredi 19 août 2022 (en cas de pluie: samedi 13 et samedi 20 août 2022)

(Départs échelonnés à toutes les 15 minutes entre 17h et 19h30, fin du spectacle à 21h).

“Il y a 50 ans, Frédéric Miller signait sa dernière composition, « Les Feux de Beltaine »,concerto pour piano et orchestre, et disparaissait subitement. Aujourd’hui, moi qui ai été à ses côtés toute sa vie, je t’invite à m’accompagner pour une promenade commémorative dans les rues de Kingston qui ont vu naître son œuvre et notre amour.”

Quelques jours avant la date prévue au billet acheté,  vous recevrez un lien pour télécharger la bande sonore en français ou en anglais, selon votre choix.


English : https://centreculturelfrontenac.com/en/shows/season-2022-2023/cadences-theatre-belvedere/
French : https://centreculturelfrontenac.com/spectacles/saison-2022-2023/cadences-theatre-belvedere/

A The Kick & Push Festival Performance