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Allistonian Brockvillian Dionysian

Presented by Threshold Theatre

Every old town in Ontario has one on its main drag. The hotel. A historic building whose charm has been reincarnated--or not. I spent part of my childhood in one of those. Follow the highway out of the small town, and before long you'll pass a roadside motel. I spent my adolescence in one of those. Allistonian Brockvillian Dionysian, is a memoir about growing up in a small town Ontario hotel and motel. This show has been presented in workshop form at various venues in Toronto, Guelph, Peterborough and Kingston. ABD is written & performed by Mark Cassidy, directed by Hume Baugh

Music, memory and Molson Golden infuse this hilarious and heartwarming piece about coming of age in a hotel & motel in small town Ontario.

Mark Cassidy has a reputation for creating adventurous, thought-provoking theatre. As co-artistic director of Threshold Theatre, Mark has devised and directed a number of innovative projects including, As I Lay Dying, Beautiful Losers, Howl, Forms of Devotion, Terror, and Kafka and Son. Mark has also been a collaborator on new work with many independent artists and companies including, Subtle Vigilance Collective, Amir Al-Azraki, Nomanzland, Platform 9, Optic Heart, El Destino, Puppetmongers, Shadowland, Te Amim, and DMT Productions. Upcoming pieces include: Late Nights with Mark the C. and I Make the Weather. Mark has been nominated for two Dora Awards for Outstanding Direction, and the Siminovitch Prize for Excellence in Theatre Directing

Hume Baugh has directed Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well for Alchemy Theatre, Twelfth Night for Gromkat/Direct Flight, and The Winter's Tale at Fanshawe College. He directed Bobby del Rio's Child Hood at Summerworks, Adam Pettle's Therac 25 for Direct Flight, and Cecilia McHugh's Rising Below the Sun at TPM Backspace. Other credits include Stuart O'Connell's The Greatest Love Story Ever Forgotten at the Toronto Fringe, Michel Tremblay's La Duchesse de Langeais at the Orlando Fringe, and Brecht's Drums in the Night and Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men at Fanshawe College.

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