This show may cause you to spontaneously jump from your seat and dance and that is OK with us.

Tribe has added very special support artist, Mah Moud, to its performance.

After being invited to present a TED Talk in Vancouver last April, A Tribe Called Red decided to completely revisit their show and present their artistic vision on stage in a different way; more appropriate for seated audiences without losing the energy and message they are known for. Putting the philosophy forward and getting out of their musical comfort zone, they created a unique performance for TED that they are extending and presenting for the first time on tour of selected Performing Arts Centres in Ontario. Bringing a few guests with them (Creeasian, respectfulchild and Jeremy Dutcher), they will put in music the ideas and ideals behind the Halluci Nation. Come experience something totally unique from one of the most acclaimed groups in the country.

Bursting forth from Canada’s capital, native Producer and DJ crew A Tribe Called Red is making an impact on the global electronic scene with a truly unique sound.


A Grand OnStage Performance