This event is happening Memorial Hall, within City Hall (216 Ontario St)

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Paddle Song

Pauline Johnson was a trailblazing heroine, an enigmatic, ahead of her time, proud Mohawk Poet and performer of the late 1800s. The daughter of a respected Six Nations Mohawk Chief and an English mother, Pauline embraced her heritage and fiercely challenged the stereotypes of women and Native peoples within her work. She fearlessly toured this unrelenting countryside, with her unique stage show for over 30 years, and was published and hailed by the literati in England at a time when the literary world was ruled by white men.

Cast List:
Cheri Maracle

Projection Design: Trevor Schwellnus
Original Lyrics & Music: Dinah Christie
Musical Arrangements: Mark Rutherford and Justin Burgess, Brendan Peltier, Marc Nadjiwan-Merilainen
Production elements provided by Thru the RedDoor
Director, Original Production: Pam Mathews
Original Costume Design: Erica Iserhoff

Part of Kick & Push 2019