X(DIX) Guillaume Côté Dance
X(DIX) Guillaume Côté Dance
X(DIX) Guillaume Côté Dance
X(DIX) Guillaume Côté Dance

Guillaume Côté 's X(DIX) is a mesmerizing performance that fuses contemporary dance with classical ballet, showcasing Côté 's choreographic talents.  X(DIX) immerses the audience in a journey of introspection, exploring themes of personal growth, transformation, and the human experience. Five performers share a minimalist stage setting amplified by the surging and sculptural sounds of American experimental band Son Lux. The stunning visuals and intricate choreography, create a captivating and unforgettable experience. Côté 's artistry shines through in every movement, as he seamlessly blends the beauty and grace of ballet with the raw emotion of contemporary dance. Don't miss the chance to witness this extraordinary performance that pushes the boundaries of dance and art, and leaves audiences in awe.

Seating map in the files below.

Join us for more! Join us in the Davies Lounge at 6:30 pm for a pre-show conversation with Anisa Tejpar, Côté Danse's Associate Producer (and Creative Assistant in Guillaume Côté’s new creations and remounts) hosted by Kingston artist, Sasha Jimenez French. Seating for the pre-show conversation is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Doors will open for the pre-show conversation shortly before 6:30 pm. 

After the show, stay for a talkback with company members hosted by Sasha.

Sasha Jimenez French is a Cuban American artist making work throughout Canada. Creating oversaturated portraits, memories of landscapes, and physically demanding movement work, layered with personal narratives. She is currently a Resident Artist at the Tett Centre in Kingston and a teaching artist at the Kingston School of Dance. Sasha’s visual practice is informed by themes of identity, displacement, and her exhaustive movement work. Through her series “Plants you can’t Kill,” she searches for the resiliency of the body in a fragile stem ecosystem. Investigating themes on what it means to have and to be a body in the current landscape.

An international move brought her to Ontario in 2014, where she worked as a teaching artist and in dance therapy for long term care. In 2015, after the birth of her first child, her daily practice shifted. Creating in all the stolen moments of motherhood, furthering her visual art and movement practice alongside caring for an infant, and continuing to fight for space of self.

She is currently a Resident Artist at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning in Kingston, Ontario. She also teaches and performs with Movement Market Collective and Kingston School of Dance. Visit Birdgirl Arts to learn more about Sasha.

Sasha was part of Kingston Grand Theatre’s Local Arts Residency with Movement Market Collective in 2023.





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