Scarlet Sublime

Scarlet Sublime! Up On The Air
Produced by Crystal Amazement
55 minutes
A part of Theatre Kingston's Storefront Fringe Festival
Venue #3, 259 Princess St, in downtown Kingston.

Created through collaboration by members of Crystal Amazement
Scarlet Sublime is Max Davidson and John McRae
Local band Scarlet Sublime invites you to tune in while they tune up for a musical about music itself!
Broadcasting from their first live radio gig, join Max and John as they strum and sing their way through an all-original set list, while the DJ spins up stories exploring the sonic truth that music is what we make it! Featuring real interviews with musicians about the work that goes into playing, as well as appearances by special musical guests, this part-radio play/part-concert invites you to talk about the universal language.
Come muse about music with us!