Staff Directory | Kingston Grand Theatre

Staff Directory

The staff of the Grand Theatre and City of Kingston Cultural Services would be happy to hear from you.

Key Contacts:

Cultural Director
cwiginton [at] (Colin Wiginton)
613-546-4291 x 1357
Contact Colin if you have a comment or questions about cultural activities in the City of Kingston.

Theatre Manager
dzemba [at] (Dianne Zemba)
613-546-4291 x 1139
Contact Dianne if you have questions about renting the Grand.

Production Supervisors
lstafford [at] (Larry Stafford)
613-546-4291 x 1147
jhayter [at] (Jon Hayter)
613-546-4291 x 1134
Contact Larry or Jon if you have questions about the technical specifications at the Grand.

Front of House Coordinator
kmacvicar [at] (Keith MacVicar)
613-546-4291 x 1144
Contact Keith if you have questions about accessibility, bar service or catering at the Grand.

Box Office Coordinator
rbrown [at] (Rebecca Brown)
613-546-4291 x 1138
Contact Rebecca if you have questions about box office services for rentals or offsite productions.

Performing Arts Manager
jduggan [at] (Jayson Duggan)
613-546-4291 x 1153
Contact Jayson if you have questions about the Grand Theatre Presents series.

Marketing & Communications
jfossitt [at] (Julie Fossitt)
613-546-4291 x 1143
Contact Julie if you have questions about advertising or marketing your Grand Theatre show, or for information about Grand Theatre Presents performances.

Grand Theatre Foundation
aandrusyszyn [at] (Ann Andrusyszyn)
613-546-4291 x 2395
Contact Ann if you have questions about fundraising activities at the Grand.