Three Bills as the Bee Gees | Kingston Grand Theatre

Three Bills as the Bee Gees

Nov 15th, 2013 - 2:05PM /
Stephanie Earp
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36 years ago today, the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever was released, and went on to become the best-selling soundtrack of all time - until Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard surpassed it in the 90s.

The single Stayin' Alive became one of the Bee Gees most iconic songs - and the band had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, the song made them incredibly famous, but on the other, it pigeonholed them as a disco act, despite their long career both before and after the tune.

Recreating the image used on both the whole album (with a disco-dancing John Travolta out front) and the single with CKWS TV's "three Bills" was so much fun. Kudos to all three - Bill Hall, Bill Hutchins and Bill Welychka - for being totally game for wearing a selection of gold jewelry culled from my own collection and even some of my mom's stuff from back in the day. Bill Hutchins has my enternal admiration for holding the arms crossed pose required despite the tiny white leather jacket we found at What'll I Wear.

Thanks once again to our amazing photographer Tim Forbes, who not only shot all our album cover recreations, but help us hone the idea.

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