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Museum of Health Care and Culture Days

Sep 11th, 2013 - 4:51PM /
Julie Fossitt
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Preserving your personal culture
Tricia Knowles

Culture Days has brought together three Kingston cultural institutions to answer your questions about preserving heirlooms and to demonstrate methods used in museums in order to store them for future generations.

“Everyone has a mini museum of their own things that they love and care for,” says Kathy Karkut, Collections Manager for Museum of Health Care. “It’s appropriate for us during Culture Days to help people preserve their own personal culture for future generations. It all comes down to how you store your objects. We can’t change the natural deterioration of materials, but we can change the way we store and handle them to help expand their life span.”

Karkut, along with Sarah Forsyth (City of Kingston Civic Collections Technician) and Jennifer Nicoll, Collections Manager and Exhibition Coordinator at Agnes Etherington Art Centre will show you how to preserve your prized possessions with a focus on museum storage principles and preventive conservation methods.

“We’ll go through various aspects like environment, like if you have a painting on an exterior wall, we will how you can make it safe,” she says. “Or if you have your grandfather’s military uniform in the attic how you should store it and whether or not to use moth balls.”

Your great-grandma’s quilt – it’s been in your family now for 4 generations. You want to ensure that you can pass it on to your children and them to theirs.


Karkut says the most popular topic will likely be how to prepare documents for longer term storage by buying and creating your own supplies which is more economical but still follows proper preventative conservation guidelines.

 “Everyone has archival documents, diaries, recipes, photographs - we’ll show examples of how to store your precious items similarly to museum tactics without archival material.”

Work stations with demonstrations on actual museum objects will also be featured during the free Culture Days event with an informal discussion and Q&A period.

Caring for your Treasures will take place Saturday, September 28 from 10am-noon at Ann Baillie Building National Historic Site, 32 George Street. (Free event parking in the Ann Baillie lot.)

Participants are encouraged to bring a photograph of treasured objects for discussion. Please do not bring actual objects. Pre-registration is required.

To register call 613-548-2419, email info [at] () or visit

Photo: Lucy Haynes (née Snider), Rose of Sharon with Cherries, 1900, cotton. Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen's University, Kingston.  Purchase, Heritage Quilt Collection, 1982 (Q83-003) photo credit: Larry Ostrom