Mayor Gerretsen as Justin Timberlake | Kingston Grand Theatre

Mayor Gerretsen as Justin Timberlake

Sep 12th, 2013 - 2:01PM /
Stephanie Earp
searp [at]

There are at least five different confirmed memes concerning creating album art listed on Know Your Meme. Among them: recreating iconic album art with nothing but clip art and comic sans, random Wikipedia entries and Flickr images, old socks, and of course, kittens (the main currency of the internet.)

So with the new Grand Theatre Presents season approaching and looking for fresh ideas - and admittedly, something fun - we decided to join the meme party and recreate a few iconic covers with notable Kingstonians - particularly those who support the Grand through the work they do, as patrons or as community partners.

We're excited to release the first of these images today, seven years to the day since JT dropped his first number-one album as a solo artist. Casting was obvious - with a tiny budget for costumes, who in town was likely to have quick access to a nice black suit and shiny shoes? Mayor Gerretsen graciously agreed to the photo shoot, and nailed the shot in about twenty minutes.

Thanks to Kingston Soundworks for loaning us the disco ball and to Tim Forbes for the amazing shots.

Stayed tuned for more album covers to come!


Original image by Terry Richardson: see it here