Matthew Good Concert Review | Kingston Grand Theatre

Matthew Good Concert Review

Nov 4th, 2013 - 4:03PM /
Julie Fossitt
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Thanks to Matt Hartwick, for the great photo and review of the Matthew Good and The Gentlemen Husband's concert on October 24. You can read more of Matt's reviews at

On Thursday night the Kingston Grand Theatre hosted a Live Nation presentation of Matt Good along with The Gentlemen Husbands.

Swiftly and quietly the Gentlemen Husbands snuck out onto the stage plugged in their instruments and started playing. Their set time was unfortunately their set was rather short only playing about half an hour. Their set was a good setup for Matt Good, their Folk, Rock, Pop sound really set the crowd up for the rest of the night. The Gentlemen Husbands are out in support of their new album “House Of Cards” Ep. The album was split up throughout their short set but we did one heck of a live listen to the album.

Matt GoodThey had a bit of a challenge with the audience as people were still making their way down to their seats and getting up and going to grab another beer. Once they hit their fourth song they seem to have a lock down on the audience and when they easily and seamlessly threw in a cover of the Wallflowers “The Difference” to finish off the song, all you could see in the Grand was a sea of cell phones searching for the song. When they finished the song the audience showered the guys with a strong applause and support. Their next song slowed down the pace quite a bit as they played “Do It In The Dark”, I was a little surprised by the song choice especially since they had just built up the audience.  The next song following was another song off of House Of Cards “Shelter Valley”. The small but noticeable harmonies in the song with Dan sounded really great but they really need to give Ryan a mic as well since he was singing pretty much every song along with Derrick throughout this song and most of the set. To finish off their set they played “Ferris Wheel Junkie”. This song strained away a little bit from what we heard so far from them but it was the ending of the song that put the song over as they finished off the song and set with a small instrumental Jam.

This is the second time now that I have watched Matt Good at the Grand Theatre and if he comes back again next year I will make sure I am there as well. The amazing and outstanding sound system that the Grand Theatre possesses made Matt Good sets an incredible experience. Starting off the show they band stood behind a rising Curtain with Matt Good watching and standing from the side of the stage. Matt even made a light joke about the intro later on in the set. Starting off the set they played us “Garden Of Knives” which is off of his brand new album Arrows Of Desire. After they finished their second song “Last Parade” an audience member decided to start yelling out at Matt and surprisingly started to have a conversation with the already inebriated man. (If you were at the show then you would know that this is the same guy to made the show come to an immediate halt when Matt saw the guy take a spill in the middle of the isle during “Weapon” Matt quickly had the house lights turned on so doctors and the ushers could help the man to his feet.) Immediately when they started to play “Load Me Up” the entire Grand Theatre jumped right out of their seats and to their feet, unfortunately this only happened just this one time, but it was quite too easy that people are still in love with his older songs. The ending to “Multineering” showcased just a small aspect of Jimmy’s guitar skills. Throughout the night Jimmy put the audience in awe with his guitar playing. It is quite hard to nail down a favourite moment with Jimmy playing lead but I would have to say it came in the encore with “Apparitions” the slide that he played easily took the song away from Matt and he made “Apparitions” his own. In The song “So Close” Matt gave Anthony a chance to showcase to the audience what he had to offer on keys when he played a great sounding solo in the song. The jam section of “So Close” sounded fantastic and then to put the song really over the top the visual aid of a full stage worth of lighting flashed over the crowd. When “Born Losers” started up the audience instantly applauded and quieted right down and gave the song the attention it deserved.

There was a sea of people quietly singing along to every lyric in the song, the definite highlight of the song came during the ending as everyone was cheering and applauding Matt finished off the song in a classic form by slowly and theatrically playing the last three chords. To finish off the first set they finished off with the song “Letters In Wartime”. The encore tonight was three songs long with a song from Avalanche, Underdogs and Arrows Of Desire. By the time Matt Good finished off the night we were able to hear a good chunk of Arrows Of Desire with Matt playing eight songs off the album.