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The Limestone City Cellphone Video Challenge

Sep 19th, 2013 - 9:09PM /
Julie Fossitt
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Tricia Knowles

Many of us call this limestone city our home.

What is it about Kingston that you love? Is it the people; the old limestone buildings? Perhaps it’s significance in Canadian History that makes you tick, or the rich cultural scene. Maybe Kingston is your home town, maybe you’re a student, or maybe you moved here years ago in the military or for a job and just couldn’t bear to leave.

Whatever it is, it’s YOUR Kingston.

So, what if you were asked to show your Kingston? What if you were asked to do it with only your cell phone?

For this year’s Culture Days, in partnership with The Awesome Foundation Kingston, The Kingston Canadian Film Festival, has presented a unique challenge for amateur filmmakers and hobbyists – make a fascinating short (film) with your smart phone.

The brain child of KCFF intern Hilary Smith, The Limestone City Cellphone Video Challenge invites filmmakers to submit a 3-minute (or less) video that captures what they love about Kingston.  All levels of filmmakers are encouraged to participate and there is no entry fee.

“I think cell phones make film much more accessible,” says Marc Garniss, General Manager of Kingston Canadian Film Fest (February 27-March 2, 2014). “Maybe it’s the films I’m into, even or a lot of what you see at festivals these days, aren’t the blockbuster ones but are more the DIY films that are obviously low budget. They’re a good example that you can just shoot something.”

Garniss said their hope is to get people thinking about film and challenging them to explore their ideas. “A lot of it is about spending time formulating the idea... all the videos will be low budget and amateurish, they’re being show on a cell phone!” Garniss laughed. If you have a really good idea and you can get that across it doesn’t matter what it’s filmed on.

Submissions will be screened in a free Culture Days event on September 27 at 5 pm at the Screening Room (120 Princess St)
. A panel of judges will select the winning film following the screening, announcing the winner online by the 29th. 

The winner of the challenge will receive:

  • Automatic entry in the Kingston Canadian Film Festival’s 2014 Local Shorts Program
  • Two VIP passes to the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, February 27-March 2, 2014
  • Two tickets for a “free night at the movies”, donated by The Screening Room
  • Two movie passes to the Cineplex Odeon Theatre
  • Two tickets to the Reelout Film Festival’s Gala

    All submitting filmmakers will receive a Kingston Canadian Film Festival t-shirt.

    The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, September 25, 2013. Click for Submission Guidelines and more information.