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Kingston Culture Days - Limestone Hands in the spotlight

Sep 10th, 2013 - 4:29PM /
Julie Fossitt
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Kingston gets ready for a love affair with culture!

From filmmaking (on a cell phone!) to a unique take on storytelling through the use of American Sign Language, to a wide range of visual and performing arts, history and heritage, Culture Days will sweep across the Limestone City September 27-29. Thanks to our roving culture correspondent Tricia Knowles, the Grand Theatre is proud to feature a number of Culture Days events in the coming weeks. Visit our blog regularly to find out more and enter to win two tickets to see the 13-14 Kingston Symphony performance of your choice below.


Storytelling Hands
Hold up your left hand with in an index finger handshape. Next, form a “C” with your right hand and circle the right "C" handshape around the index finger.

You just signed “culture” in American Sign Language.

ASL is a visual and gestural language that presents storytelling in a richly imaginative cinematic-like narrative.

Jessica Sergeant and Kristina Guévremont of Limestone Hands have put together a remarkable event for Culture Days. We knew storytelling appeals to children and we wanted to provide a natural and fun way for children and their parents to learn American Sign Language,” said Sergeant of their event where fluent Deaf signers will offer a unique take on storytelling through the use of ASL.

“Storytelling in ASL is integral to Deaf culture and we wanted to incorporate that into a common social gathering. Stories will come to life in a visual and dynamic way never seen before!”

Both agree that culture is the shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices of a specific group. “This determines people's way of life and the way they do things,” said Sergeant. “It is also the appreciation of literature, music, art, and food,” added Guévremont.

“A community develops, creating a sense of belonging for people with shared customs.”

By making culture accessible to the community, Limestone Hands feels that people will be aware of diverse cultures out there. “People may be unaware that such a culture exists and be afforded the opportunity to become involved,” said Guévremont. “American Sign Language is a remarkable example of that. It could be the start of developing a signing community, allowing people of all sorts to communicate in a visual and gestural way when faced with any type of barriers.”

Storytelling Hands takes place in the children’s area at Chapters - 2376 Princess Street on Saturday, September 28 and Sunday, September 29 from 10am to noon.

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