On Jenn Grant | Kingston Grand Theatre

On Jenn Grant

Oct 10th, 2013 - 1:37PM /
Rae Corcoran

One of my favourite albums of 2012 (and maybe of all time) goes to the lovely and amazing Jenn Grant with The Beautiful Wild. I can’t recall when I first started listening to her music, although I remember the first time ever seeing her live. It was a few years back at the Wolfe Island Music Festival; I believe it was the year that Stars headlined. I remember specifically eating a burrito? And dancing to Getcha Good – it was extremely glamorous.

I fully credit that summer with giving me the confidence to start singing and pursing my own musical endeavors more seriously. A few weeks after the Wolfe Island Festival I posted one my first YouTube covers ever. It was ‘Oh My Heart’ off of Grant’s Honeymoon Punch album. I posted the video thinking no one would really see it and/or care, and lo and behold Jenn sent me a message about how she heard it and liked it. That’s what we like to call a game changer.

At the majority of shows I play now, I like to sneak in a little Jenn Grant cover somewhere in the middle of my set. It helps calm my nerves if things aren’t going as planned. Needless to say she’s one of my favourite artists. Her voice is so unique and on point it’s insane. And don’t even get me started on her lyrics, ugh. Perfection.

I’ve been working closely with one of my best friends, Jen Ochej, on her music blog: Sea Legs Collective. It focuses mainly on independent Canadian music, and particularly the East Coast music scene. Jenn Grant has been an important part of it. She not only is a fabulous musician, she’s also a very talented painter. She painted the banner that we use on the Sea Legs website. She’s one of our favourite musicians to write about on the blog. I’ve seen her live a few times now, most recently a few weeks ago at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. She played a bunch of new songs. I could not be more excited for her next album! Jenn is such a gem. She is, in my opinion, one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. I’m sure it won’t be long before she conquers the world. In the meantime she’ll be at the Grand Theatre October 16th with Ron Sexsmith! Be there or be square.

- Rae Corcoran

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