FLY FM & THE DRIVE as Blondie | Kingston Grand Theatre

FLY FM & THE DRIVE as Blondie

Sep 24th, 2013 - 1:34PM /
Stephanie Earp
searp [at]

While we were working on the idea to recreate classic album covers, we thought we'd covered everything. Costumes - check. Between our own closets, What'll I Wear, Phase 2, and the Sally Ann, we had it covered. A great photographer - Tim Forbes - who knows his way around Photoshop? Check. Willing participants - like today's cast of Mike Reid, Riley Jabour, Shawn Whalen, Jacquie Beckett and Brian Scott, the radio personalities you hear on 98.3 Fly Fm and 98.9 The Drive? Check.

And then we ran up against an unexpected problem when trying to duplicate the cover of Blondie's Parallel Lines, which was released 35 years ago this week. Namely, the font. Google "font on album name" and you're bound to come across a forum where someone has identified the font on almost all your favourite records. But the band name on Parallel Lines appears to be hand-lettered - at least partly - by typographer Jerry Rodriguez. (Who, if can be believed, is also credited with playing Flugelhorn on a Radiohead tribute album released in 2006.) Anyway, duplicating it with existing fonts proved impossible. So we lifted it wholesale from the original album art - thanks to Tim's meticulous work on the striped background, it worked out well.

Thanks so much to Mike, Riley, Shawn, Brian and Jacquie. We think Jacquie kills it as Debbie Harry, a woman who also has tons of attitude and a really great voice. And Brian's red shoes are the ultimate authentic touch.

To see the original cover and read Harry's thoughts on the image, shot by Edo Goddard, check out Never Mind the Bus Pass.