Bboyizm in residence | Kingston Grand Theatre

Bboyizm in residence

May 25th, 2013 - 2:57PM /
Kevin Chen
Thanks to Kevin Chen for writing this blog post about his experience with Crazy Smooth and Meli-mel from BBoyizm as part of a creative residency presented by the Grand Theatre this week. Bboyiam presented two workshops at LCVI, two choregraphic workshops with young dancers from the community, and spent this week in residence at the Baby Grand developing a new work for future performance. Thanks to our Education and Community Engagement group for organizing a series of great opportunities for young dancers in the Kingston community!
In Bboying, which is popularized in freestyle battles or showcase-style routines, many of my favourite performances are artistic and choreographed. Personally, I want to have more of an artistic style in my dance and choreography, which is one of the reasons why I took this workshop. The main focus of this workshop was on making choreography that has a certain meaning or representation. So given a short set of simple moves, we had to expand on that and create pieces that were three or even five times as long. For example, on the first day, my group was given the concept of internalization, which meant making our moves small and contained while keeping the energy high. After each piece was performed, Crazy Smooth, Meli-mel and the other participating dancers gave a critique. One of my most favourite things about this workshop was getting this feedback and hearing what we did right but more importantly what didn't work, and where we can improve. One of the key things that I learned from this workshop was that small and simple movements can be used to strongly express our ideas, without exhausting ourselves. An example would be standing on stage and taking a deep breath. We also played with using travelling in transitions on stage and in cyphers. Overall, we've learned a lot about making choreography and some new moves from this workshop and I'm really looking forward to using these ideas in my own dance, more so in seeing what the other members of KinetiQ will be coming up with. Many thanks to Bboyizm, Melissa, and the Grand Theatre for organizing this!