Art After Dark joins Culture Days with $500 prize | Kingston Grand Theatre

Art After Dark joins Culture Days with $500 prize

Sep 11th, 2013 - 4:43PM /
Julie Fossitt
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Art After Dark joins Culture Days with $500 prize
Tricia Knowles

It’s an event held twice a year which showcases the excellent galleries and art that can be found Downtown. Traditionally, Art After Dark has been held on Thursday nights to great success. This year, however; Downtown Kingston! chose to move the signature cultural event to Friday night in order to coincide with Culture Days.

 “The arts community is so supportive of each other and of the community at large,” said Alex Amodeo, projects manager/marketing for Downtown Kingston! B.I.A. “Whether it’s the art community in Kingston, in Ontario, or in Canada, they love being part of something bigger. Art After Dark being part of Culture Days was a natural fit and the galleries were super supportive of the date change.”

art after darkA short walk through the Limestone City’s downtown core is really all it takes to experience a vast array of culture and art. Everything from paintings to sculpture, glass to pottery, new media and more is featured at 15 galleries, stores and studios! Yes stores! Spots like Minotaur, Get Funky and Cornerstone are all incredibly supportive of the cultural community in Kingston and will be serving as gallery spots this year!

Better yet, this year they’ve added ballot boxes at each location for the chance to win $500 towards purchasing your favorite piece on the tour! “We want a person to think about purchasing art and to realize that it’s something which is more accessible than you may think,” said Amodeo. “It’s a great investment and supportive of the artistic and cultural community – we want to get people thinking about buying art whether it’s now or years in the future. That’s what’s great about Art After Dark... You’re going to places that sell art not just showcase it.”

Art After Dark runs from 7pm to 10 pm on Friday, September 27. For more information click here.