Art After Dark -- 4 stops not to miss | Kingston Grand Theatre

Art After Dark -- 4 stops not to miss

Sep 11th, 2013 - 4:49PM /
Julie Fossitt
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Art After Dark -- 4 stops not to miss
Tricia Knowles

Serving as a kick off to three days of free activities throughout the city, Art After Dark will serve as a showpiece event to start Kingston’s cultural celebrations.

“We do think of Art After Dark as one of Kingston’s premiere art and cultural events,” said Alex Amodeo, projects manager/marketing for Downtown Kingston! B.I.A. “Culture Days is all about showing how accessible culture is in your community. What’s more accessible than being able to walk out of one store, cross the street and walk into a gallery?

Download the Art After Dark map here!

While we recommend visiting as many, if not all of the locations on the Art After Dark tour, these are just a few of the must-stops this year you shouldn’t overlook.

Studio 22 - Mondo Graphica

Hands down one of the most delightful galleries in Kingston, Studio 22 Open Gallery presents Mondo Graphica - Six graphic studios in our region displaying paper output from their respective disciplines. From letter press to digital output, pop art silk screen to gyclée. It’s also just a few steps from Heather Haynes’ gallery.

Taylor Studios - The Twelve X Twelve Exhibition

This collective of five Kingston area fibre artists, otherwise known as the "Group of Five" has taken on the challenge of creating a new piece of artwork every other month. A simple project you might imagine at first glance, but the challenge comes with its 12 inch by 12 inch square frame restriction and a single word to be the inspiration for the work. This exhibition features works by each of the five artists depicting their interpretations of the words: Messages, Pain, Space, Departure, Leaves, Mystical, Rebirth and Freedom.

Kingston Glass Studio - Finding Fowl in the Everyday

Local artist Mary Peppard is best known for high realism and whimsical images of chickens! Her bright and bold depictions of these domesticated birds will make you reconsider their place in our culture. Paired with Peppard’s pictures, glass artists Mariel Waddell and Mischka Hunter present brightly coloured glass pieces. As always, their work captures the vibrancy of the everyday, and when viewed alongside Peppard’s chickens, highlights the artistry and beauty of daily life.

Cornerstone - Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok

Cornerstone will feature drawings by Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok and Luke Anowtalik. Both renowned carvers from Arviat, Nunavut – they began drawing late in life when they could no longer carve. Sophisticated sculptors, unfamiliar with two dimensional representation, produced drawings both naive and brilliant.

Art After Dark runs from 7pm to 10 pm on Friday, September 27 – find out more about this year’s galleries and what they’ll be offering at Downtown Kingston.