TransCanada Highwaymen: An Evening with Berg, Murphy, Northey & Page | Kingston Grand Theatre

TransCanada Highwaymen: An Evening with Berg, Murphy, Northey & Page

A Grand Theatre Presents performance.

We're not going to name names, but a lot of Canadian bands in the 80s that were making a splash were the worst. It was against this backdrop that the front men of Canada's most popular and commercially successful alt/rock, power/pop bands of the 90s started their bands.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a super-group quartet, singing their hit songs like I'm An Adult Now / Hard to Laugh / She's So Young (TPOH) / Underwhelmed / Coax me / The Other Man (SLOAN) / It Falls Apart / Someone Who's Cool / Make You Mad (Odds) / The Old Apartment / Brian Wilson / Jane (BNL), and treating the audience to an inside glimpse into one of the most transformative eras of Canadian music.
Catapulted from the underground indie scene to acclaim, each of these iconic musicians have their own unique and hilarious stories to share of experiencing the mixed bag of excitement, dread, inspiration, emotional torture and unconditional support that is being a band. They have known each other for 25 years and they are going to play each other's songs and yes, they will rock.
Entertainers Underwriter: Walter Fenlon & Linda Ann Daly
Performing in the Regina Rosen Auditorium, within the Grand Theatre
Tickets are A Section - $54.50, B Section - $49.50 plus HST and handling fee

Performance Information

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Grand Theatre, Regina Rosen Auditorium
22 Apr 2017
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22 Apr 2017

Show Dates & Times

22 Apr 20177:30 PM