Tout à Trac presents Pinocchio | Kingston Grand Theatre
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Tout à Trac presents Pinocchio



Based on Carlo Collodi’s classic

Written and directed by Hugo Bélanger

English translation by Bobby Theodore

A production of Tout à Trac

in co-production with Place des Arts and Tennessee Performing Arts Center


Krystel Descary, Claude Tremblay, Émilie St-Germain, Michel Daviau


Josianne Dicaire (assistant stage director)

Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle (set and costumes design)

Luc Prairie (lighting design)

Patrice d’Aragon (music composer and sound design)

Marie-Pierre Simard (puppet design)

Marie-Pier Fortier (masks design)

Joannie d’Amours (props design)

Maryse Gosselin (makeup design)

Michel Tremblay (production manager and technical director)

Born from a talking piece of wood carved by the old Geppetto, the rebellious, cheeky and careless Pinocchio discovers the meaning of growing up through a thousand trials. To become a real boy, he will have to face Mangiafuoco, the terrible Puppet Master, suffer the malice of the Fox and his sidekick, the Cat, escape from Toyland and save his father from the belly of the giant fish!

Join us for more! Please join the Kingston Frontenac Public Library at 2:30 p.m. for story time at the Grand Theatre. Spots available on a first-come first-served basis.   

Ideal for ages 4 and up.

KidStage Underwriter: Homestead

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Ticket prices range from $23 - $7.50 plus HST and handling fee (depending on seat location and buyer type)

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Regina Rosen Auditorium at The Grand Theatre