The Theatre Centre presents Sea Sick | Kingston Grand Theatre
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The Theatre Centre presents Sea Sick

Director: Franco Boni with Ravi Jain

A non-fiction play performed by an award-winning journalist. Alanna Mitchell is a Canadian science journalist contributing regularly to the New York Times science section, CBC's Quirks & Quarks science programme, CBC Radio and Canadian Geographic Magazine.

Sea Sick has been adapted from Mitchell's internationally best-selling book to the stage in a gripping look at the state of the global ocean. Mitchell shares a profound and personal solo performance, taking audiences on a journey of discovery and hope.

"Sea Sick is an adventure tale with scientists as the heroes." - Richard Harrabin, BBC

Performing at the Grand Theatre, in the Baby Grand

Ticket Pricing

Ticket prices range from $29 - $14.50 plus HST and handling fee (depending on buyer type)

Performance Information

Presented By: 
Baby Grand Theatre at The Grand Theatre
1 Nov 2017
Last Show: 
4 Nov 2017

Show Dates & Times

1 Nov 20177:30 PM
2 Nov 20177:30 PM
3 Nov 20177:30 PM
4 Nov 20172:30 PM