Overlooked | Kingston Grand Theatre


Refraction Theatre presents
Part of the 2016 Kick & Push Festival
Everyone wants to get better, but what does that even mean? Using humour and music, Overlooked examines how routines, habits, and addiction affect our lives. 

Inspired in part by over 8 months of devising work for Refraction Theatre Collective’s last show, At Wits End, Overlooked is a brand new immersive experience created just for Kingston audiences and made possible with the support of the Ontario Arts Council.

Get up close and personal with the characters as they work through their problems in this gritty but hilarious immersive experience set in one of Kingston’s back alleys.

This production involves audience movement and may offer some accessibility challenges. Please contact mike [at] thekickandpush.com

for more information.

Performing in the Stage Door Alley, Grand Theatre

Tickets are $10.00 plus handling fee

What is the Kick & Push Festival?
The Kick & Push Festival creates a new style of summer theatre in Canada by producing and presenting engaging events that challenge an audience to go beyond simply being passive observers. The KP is a new summer experience that offers innovative theatre not to compete with existing summer theatre but to expand upon the strong offerings of theatre in our area. Formed in 2015, this is the second year of the festival, providing innovative theatre experiences from July 15- August 13. For more information on the festival please visit www.thekickandpush.com or follow us on social media @thekickandpush

Performance Information

Stage Door Alley, Grand Theatre
27 Jul 2016
Last Show: 
13 Aug 2016

Show Dates & Times

27 Jul 20164:00 PM
27 Jul 20166:00 PM
27 Jul 20167:30 PM
28 Jul 20164:00 PM
28 Jul 20166:00 PM
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29 Jul 20164:00 PM
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30 Jul 20162:00 PM
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30 Jul 20166:00 PM
3 Aug 20164:00 PM
3 Aug 20166:00 PM
3 Aug 20167:30 PM
4 Aug 20164:00 PM
4 Aug 20166:00 PM
4 Aug 20167:30 PM
5 Aug 20164:00 PM
5 Aug 20166:00 PM
6 Aug 20162:00 PM
6 Aug 20164:00 PM
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10 Aug 20164:00 PM
10 Aug 20166:00 PM
10 Aug 20167:30 PM
11 Aug 20164:00 PM
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11 Aug 20167:30 PM
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13 Aug 20162:00 PM
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