Out in the Open | Kingston Grand Theatre

Out in the Open

Recommended for ages 13+
Adam convinces Stephen, his best friend, to go on a camping trip for the long weekend, even though Stephen can think of nothing worse than being cold, dirty and bored (not to mention the lack of indoor plumbing!) When the two boys get lost in the woods their light-hearted banter turns serious and Adam reveals a secret that he has been hiding from Stephen. How will Stephen react to Adam's news? What will this mean for their friendship? How do we deal with our own fears and issues when faced with a shift in what we thought we knew? 'Out in the Open' is an honest look at homophobia, friendship, social pressure and navigating the complicated truths of teenage relationships.
"A tremendously clever, well-written and humourous production"
-Roger Weibe, Vice Principal, Windemere Secondary School

"Thought-provoking, engaging and highly-relevant" 
-Jonathan Friedrichs, Teacher, BC SD 39
School groups will attend this performance on the lower level, and seats in the balcony are open to the general public at $8 (plus handling fee)

Performance Information

Presented By: 
Grand Theatre, Regina Rosen
27 Nov 2012
Last Show: 
27 Nov 2012

Show Dates & Times

27 Nov 201210:30 AM