Navdhara India Dance Theatre performs A Passage to Bollywood | Kingston Grand Theatre
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Navdhara India Dance Theatre performs A Passage to Bollywood

This vibrant stage musical with foot tapping music, colourful costumes and a gripping plot will keep you at the edge of your seat. The audience can expect to experience drama, action, romance, and dance just like a typical Bollywood Film. A popular pot boiler, this one hour entertainment capsule of music and dance will cut across all genres and is guaranteed to engage and entertain the widest range of audiences and ages.

"A Passage to Bollywood is a riot of color, vitality and sheer beauty.  A high quality musical, an authentic, unforgettable experience." - Yair Vardi, Director, Suzanne Dellal Center

"Insane energy. This Bollywood show made me go crazy!!! Wonderful songs and dancers that kept dancing with such vigor." - Haaretz

Join us for more! Join us for a Talkback with the company from the stage immediately following the performance.

World Rhythms Underwriter: Homestead

Ticket Pricing

Ticket prices range from $44.50 - $19.75 plus HST and handling fee (depending on seat location and buyer type)

Performance Information

Presented By: 
Regina Rosen Auditorium at The Grand Theatre

Show Dates & Times

25 Nov 20177:30 PM