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At My Heart's Core

At My Heart's Core
Robertson Davies
EODL Festival Entry
Pioneers Susanna Moodie, Catharine Parr Trail and Frances Stewart experience cultural deprivation and discontent in the Canadian backwoods during the 1837 Rebellion. A young man arrives and finds ways to make each of the women realize that their life is less than fulfilling and that they each could have a better life than the one they are leading.
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Performance Information

Domino Theatre, Harold Harvey Centre, 52 Church St, Kingston ON
1 Mar 2018
Last Show: 
17 Mar 2018

Show Dates & Times

1 Mar 20187:30 PM
2 Mar 20187:30 PM
3 Mar 20187:30 PM
8 Mar 20187:30 PM
9 Mar 20187:30 PM
10 Mar 20187:30 PM
15 Mar 20187:30 PM
16 Mar 20187:30 PM
17 Mar 20187:30 PM